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Schubert Strategies brings over three decades of experience and leadership in public safety, public policy and advocacy. Through this experience, leadership, and deep relationships with leaders across the world, Schubert Strategies provides consultation and strategic solutions for public safety and corporate clients.

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About Anne Marie

Anne Marie Schubert is the founder and President of Schubert Strategies, a Sacramento based firm, specializing in a wide variety of consultation services. Anne Marie is a nationally recognized public safety leader, having spent 32 years as a career prosecutor and Elected District Attorney.

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Public Speaking and Media Relations
High Profile Cases and Officer Involved Critical Incidents
Crisis Management and Leadership Development
Cold Case Investigations and DNA Consultation
Public Policy and Advocacy

Inside The Crime Files

California’s crime files are filled with victims’ stories, novel legal strategies, and forensic innovations that help future generations of investigators and prosecutors hold criminals accountable, and exonerate the innocent.

Join us, and our host Anne Marie Schubert, to hear from the prosecutors, investigators, forensic experts, and victims from those crime files, who have changed the course of criminal justice.

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